Don’t leave your invention up for grabs. Ensure its security with our Salt Lake City, UT patent attorney.



Defend your brand name, slogan or logo with help from trademark attorney Scott Hilton.



Protect your intellectual property and other original works by seeking a copyright with help from Scott Hilton.

Safeguard Your Intellectual Property

Choose Patent Attorney Scott Hilton in Salt Lake City, Utah

Protect Your Pioneering Prestige

Protect Your Pioneering Prestige

Defend your invention with our Salt Lake City, UT patent attorney

Take it from an experienced patent attorney: There are few things more frustrating than putting your life’s work into an idea or invention, just for someone else to take credit for it. Don’t put your ideas up for grabs by forgoing the proper patent procedures.

Protect your status as an inventor by working with Patent Attorney Scott Hilton, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Call us today at 801-939-3460 or fill out and return the contact form to learn more.

What can our patent attorney do for your business?

The obvious benefit of working with a patent attorney is to establish legal authority when it comes to your inventions and ideas. But did you know that there are plenty of other benefits when you file for a patent, copyright or trademark? Patent Attorney Scott Hilton can help you:

  • Gain credibility with investors.
  • Get a monopoly on your idea.
  • Retain legal rights in court.
  • Build your invention’s brand.
  • Protect your creative works.

Get started establishing your patent by calling Patent Attorney Scott Hilton today.

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See if we’re a good fit before you commit by scheduling a free initial consultation with Scott Hilton. Our knowledgeable patent attorney has experience in an array of technical and creative fields, meaning that we don’t just apply for your patents, we understand them, too.

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